Picture this...checking myself in at YVR, and the woman at the flight desk asks me for my passport, and then asks me to confirm that my final destination is"Paris". I looked at her confused for a moment, because I didn't think she was talking about me.

I'm going to Paris. Yes, I'm going to Paris!

And so after a very long flight and a minor inconvenience of my luggage arriving a day late, I am finally here. This place is so beautiful, every time I turn the corner, I look like I'm in a post card. The style here is effortless, the food is tremendous, and even the birds wear scarves. The conversations on the street sounds like they are from old French movies. And usually I don't eat bread (it's a carb), I am sitting here full from bagguettes. I love this place.

Will post more later, but just wanted to check in to say I'm safe and I'm living a dream.

Yeah for "freedom 35"!

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