nobody walks.

[houston, texas]
vancouver is certainly a nice city. i forget that most places aren't like vancity. i always think that most cities have a robson street, with tons of street traffic, people out and about, in shops or lounging on patios. last night, after a pretty good day at the customer site we made our way to the galleria for a bit of shopping, and then ended up at a cheesecake factory. we were only supposed to be there for a few drinks and appies, but ended up staying there for longer and had a great time decompressing.

we asked our server if there were places in houston like robson street. apparently not -- the patio is apparently not a big deal here in houston (it gets too hot and humid). we asked if there are places where people are walking out and about and she said "people don't walk here"...:).

she told us to check out rice village (where rice university is), as it certainly might be one of the places where we can find some foot traffic. i'll report on the later.

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