recently reviewed.

a couple of nights ago, i went out and checked out umami, a little spot on davie that i didn't know even existed. i'm not a serious foodie, i just know what i don't like. i've been to tapastree and bin941, so certainly a place like umami could be accused of just following the big wave in vancouver right of these 'small plates' or 'tapas' places. however, we were pleasantly surprised -- their "spring roll cylinders of solid albacore" ($10) was voted by vancouver magazine as the top appetizer of 2004. i haven't tasted alot of vancouver's appetizers, but these were pretty damm good.

also, went and saw the pickled theatre company's production of "six degrees of separation". this is one of my favourite plays (actually i saw the movie first, and then read the play, so i don't know if that counts). anyways, overall there were some good performances (the parents), but i would have liked the actor who played 'paul' (wil smith's character in the movie) to have been stronger. all in all, it was good to see live theatre, certainly better than watching "stars without make-up" on fox or a re-run of JAG.

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