fashion jeans and low carb.

on saturday i went down with vanessa to metrotown (i know, it was gorgeous outside), but i was on the mission for the perfect jean. after trying on like eight million pairs at eight million stores, i realized that it is difficult to find a 'fashion' jean, and a 'fashion' jean that fits you properly that is not over $200. i actually have tried on a couple of diesels, one that was $325, and i'll have to tell you that you that a combination of both fit and quality is key, not price point or brand that determines what looks good, at least on me. however, knock offs (like after a "seven" pair) just don't cut it too. needless to say, i'm still in the hunt.

of course hungry shoppers need to eat. it's funny, finding something to eat at a mall foodcourt and watching what you are eating on this diet are in direct conflict. later that evening, on my way to a party in yaletown, i passed this 'low carb' supermarket/store. i think in general we need to learn about moderation, find a happy median between these two options for sure.

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