phone vs. im

during dinner last night, i called oliver mr. telus because he got like 50 million phone calls on his cell phone. i checked mine, and i didn't even get at least one.

i remember in my youth (say five years ago), i would always been on the phone, checkin my voice mail, calling to see what's up, and vice versa -- very good at keeping tabs and keeping up. but i realized nowadays that instead of the phone (which is used more for organizing the logistics of things) i keep in touch with my friends mostly through instant messenger, or catching up by reading their blogs. oliver agreed.

in the old, old days, you would have to knock on your neighbour's door to have a chat and shoot the breeze. i'm sure everyone remembers the feeling of getting some snail mail, say a birthday card from your best friend that moved away, alot different from an e-card from your old college pal in your in-box.

does all this cyber communication allow us to have better, more intimate friendships or actually the reverse, make us more "out of touch"?

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