"tree" run.

just got back from whistler, another great day for improving my skills on the slopes for me. everytime i go up with my brother and oliver, i tend to go with oliver's decision on "which way to go" thinking that he's safer and less aggressive than my bro. however, following oliver today led me to a tree 'run' (read: mounds of snow in amongst trees on a very steep slope), so i think i've learned my lesson. we set out the day with the goal of conquering and focussing on whistler, and at the very least did a pretty good tour of it, making it all the way up to the peak. even though the visibility wasn't so great today, the sun came out to play for a little bit -- i'll tell you one of the best times i've had so far riding was today when we hit a whole bunch of fresh powder and the sun was behind us -- there is nothing that beats that.

i'll have to make sure i bring up a dispoable camera for my trip up with aimee in a couple of weeks.

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