dream or nightmare
well, it has been three years (almost) since i've had www.randyromero.com, and ever since then my site's design and content has, according to me been only "temporary". though i do work with html and php all the time, and most of the sites that i do are text-based, it is hard for me sometimes to be inspired for my own stuff. having a new colleague in the office that is basically a css guru has motivated me to get off my ass and see what i can do. i took a stab at a re-design last night, and was pretty much unhappy with what i came up with (which was a sort of 70s inspired basement wood-panelling motif, too fugly to post here). however just as i was about to fall asleep, i came up with a colour scheme, design and structure for version 2.0 all in my head. i usually have "pseudocode" episodes in the shower before i get to work, however not usually before i go to bed. i can't wait to work on it later tonight -- hopefully i'll be able to post something soon.

anyone else out there dream about code?

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