weekend update, two weeks later, mid week
so much to blog about, so little time. the week leading up to a show is always really stressful, but to compound it, there were so many social events this past weekend. i don't want to forget anything because i have a terrible memory so...

friday nite was marty's birthday party, which was a surprise and held at the macaroni grill. i haven't been to that place in such a long time and i forget how nice it is in there, which is basically an old mansion converted into a house. coming late, not being able to have a nap right after work, and eating a lot of pasta made me super sleepy, which made not really into going to bobby's halloween party. but thank goodness i did, was able to let off some steam. everyone's costumes look great. i'll post some pictures soon.

well, my birthday came and went. it being on a sunday and plus halloween only being a few days before, everyone was pretty mellow. but i had a good crew out, and it was good to see everyone again. we went to the freehouse on davie at denman, which was a great little room. although a bit cramped, they had half price appetizers and double hi-balls for five bones. you can't go wrong with that price. afterwards, a few of us went off to baltazhar where more conversation and drinks were had and then finally ending up at shine. you know when you are getting old when there are two rooms and one of the rooms plays hip hop and this is a foreign concept to you.

all in all, a good way to mark my 31st for sure.

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