whistler weekend
this weekend, i went up with the posse to whistler for shawn's birthday. even though i have been super busy with everything show related, i made it a point to make time to go up to relax. although i was planning to stay until sunday morning, and then rush back to rehearsal, i think it was good that i exited 'stage right' on saturday night.

i went up with floe after work on friday night, where we met shawn and juliana at the cabin they rented, which was nice and rustic, not downtown condo style. we blew off some steam and just relaxed. saturday morning, we went into the village and had a great brunch, and then went mountain biking on the trails in whistler. the rest of the crew came up that evening, armed with 'tables' and 'records' -- an evening worth of tunes...it was working fine before we went for dinner, funny thing is when i left, they were having technical difficulties, and it was hilarious to see about eight guys try to figure out what was wrong, each on a component of the set up.

...and was it not great to have an extra hour of sleep? -- i love daylight savings time (falling back that is :))

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