not that tall in person.
on friday night, i went to this 'yaletown block party' (read: deniro's and bigtime clothing store turned their store fronts into a patio starting in the early evening and then turned their store sans clothes into an after hours until 5 am). anyways, around 1 o'clock in the morning, rather unsuspectingly, johnny knoxville (from jackass) and dwayne johnson (the rock) came to the party. they seemed pretty cool, just hanging out and talking to people at the party. my friend laura actually managed to take a picture with knoxville. looks like they are in town filming their new movie, "walking tall".

i know they're just people, but i always seemed to be enamoured by famous 'stars'. i thought that the rock would be taller and bigger in person though.

as well, how do stars know what's going on the city when filming anyway?

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