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the following is from the blog of tom coates.

I suppose, at thirty, I'm finding myself at a weird crossroads. Am I a self-hating gay man who finds himself unable to feel anything but repulsed by the community of my fellow poofs? I don't think so.. But there's something wrong, somewhere... Else why would I feel so invisible? Why would my sexuality have deteriorated so fundamentally in importance to me. Most people I meet don't know I'm gay. Many people who read this site don't know I'm gay. Despite being best poof in the world once, significant gay sites have just not even noticed my man-friendly tendencies... But this is wrong! They should know. It's important to me. Maybe the answer comes from another story... I'm walking down a street with a straight friend of mine, and we're watching the hot boys walk by, and I'm lamenting my lack of relationship (for the thousandth time) and asking if they thought I was just criminally fucked-in-the-head and they reply... "Tom, I don't know how to say this, but I hope you'll take it as a compliment... I don't think you're in the slightest bit fucked up about being gay, I think you're fucked up about everything else..."

bill sent it this post to me (read the whole entry here) -- he says i could have written it. the funny thing is, there are probably other 'invisibles' out there that could have as well.

is the last line of tom's post ring true for me too?

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