bay area bound.
i've never had many dreams in my life, things that i really needed to do or see before i left this place, but there is actually no other place in the world that has inspired my imagination than one of my favourite cities, the city by the bay, san francisco. next week, i travel there with my dance group to perform at one of the most beautiful venues, the palace of fine arts theatre, with the likha-pilipino folk ensemble, whose members and its director have remained a strong source of both inspiration and encouragement. i was first in san francisco as a small child, but only passing through to disneyland, but who would have known that since 1995, i've been back almost every year, and sometimes even twice.

i don't know what it is about that place -- maybe it is its similarity to vancouver, with its gorgeous location, its wonderful restaurants, the california lifestyle, but in a northern sense. it's people, i will dare to say are more friendly and welcoming (than vancouver), its nightlife is unreal, and its beatnik jack kerouac feel is complimented an outlook that is cosmopolitan, multicultural and modern.

maybe i've romanticized it somewhat, but i think i might be wrong -- i love san francisco, and it has and always continues to draw me to it. as hokey as it sounds, my heart leaps at the thought of what it seems to represent for me, which to sum it up is the promise and optimisim of a new frontier, a new chapter to of my adventure to embark on. i've always said to myself, i'm going to live in that city at least once in my life.

until then, i'll keep dreaming.

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